How The Mobile Industry Is Predicted To Changed In 2020

How The Mobile Industry Is Predicted To Changed In 2020

March 27, 2020 Off By Maggie Burke

With technology evolving as fast as it is now, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that almost everything is evolving yearly. Every year there are popular trends in any kind of industry or niche, changes and updates in businesses and how they do things and so on. To get ahead of the mobile industry, you have to be smart and fast. You need to know what people want and what has been trending in order to catch up and possibly get ahead of the game. Luckily, there have already been predictions as to what will be changing and will be popular for this year. The question is, will you be able to catch up too?

5G Connectivity

While we know that 5G has already been started, it is said to be actually launching this year, as predicted. This predicted mobile change in 2020 might just be the most important out of all on this list.

AR and VR accessories

While these types of accessories will remain a niche this year, it is still going to be essential with smartphones. People will want a better and immersive experience now more than ever.

Digital Ad Growth

This is to the fact that people are spending more and more time with their phones. Companies will want to take advantage of that since they can’t attract people’s eyes anywhere else anymore. Hence the ads.

Huge growth in app-based platforms

It seems like apps have been increasing more and more as time goes by, which makes sense. They are mostly free and easy to acquire, which attracts plenty of people already.

Rise in Visual Search

This is more relevant in the décor or fashion industry but it is working so far. People will want more developments about visual search more than anything.

Rise in audio advertising

Mostly because there have been an increase in podcasts for the past couple of years, audio advertising make take the lead in the advertising industry.

Abundance of malicious fake apps

Like everything else that is in life, the more there are good things that happen and get invented (or changed) there is always a downside to them as well. As such, with the increase of phones and availability to basically do ANYTHING as long as you have a device, fake apps that are malicious will also be increasing. Last year it had been around 65 thousand fake apps reported. Time will only increase that number.

New battery tech

This part is probably my favourite, aside from the 5G connectivity. There might be some competition this year because there is a high possibility that Samsung will launch (or has already launched) a smartphone that features graphene battery, where it has a higher charging speed.

Foldable android devices

Foldable devices have already been launched but it is said that they will be gaining a lot of traction for this year.