How Are Apps Reviews Important To The App Itself?

How Are Apps Reviews Important To The App Itself?

March 27, 2020 Off By Maggie Burke

Oh yes, app reviews play a huge role in the success of an app. After all, they are the feedback that you will need to rely. You will be able to see if they like your product or if they hate it, therefore you can quickly analyse what you need to change to make it better. The problem with them is sometimes, reviews are, for the lack of a better word, useless. Just slightly, at least. Mostly because the reviews are either mindless hate that don’t provide constructive criticism, or just trolling.

But still, reviews are a BIG role for your success.

App visibility

Because reviews are the feedback whether an app is actually good or not, it has been known that for your app to actually gain some attention, a rating of 4 is more than likely to get more downloads than those rated with 5. 4 is more genuine and will get more app visibility in the stores. This is what mostly attracts user to the apps themselves, since people have long since learnt their lesson from downloading based on looks. Reviews are what really get users.

Increases user retention

This is where engagement is happening. When developers as their users for their feedback, they are encouraging communication that is two-way. This makes the users aware of the fact that their reviews have indeed been considered by the developers. This makes the users trust the developer and therefore the app they have. After all, wouldn’t you want to communicate with someone who is indeed human?

Develops support community

Reviews are where people converge and have discussions and conversations. If a user is loyal enough and therefore reviews as often, they build a community around your app and therefore you as the developer. If you have a bunch of fans then it’s guaranteed that you’ve achieved something with your product, right?

Boost app revenue

The ultimate goal of any and all mobile and business applications is revenue generation. No one is exempt from this rule. App reviews are indirectly related to the overall revenue of your app. This goes for the rating too because that is going to act as some sort of source of credibility when it comes to the user’s behaviour in purchasing. To get the max amount of app reviews, you will need to create some different channels for feedback.

Use Reviews To Improve Your App

If you happen to have an app but wanted to have something better, there are experts offering custom software development for SaaS companies in London. Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with them. It’s best that you show them the reviews of your app as it will help them in improving the application further or in creating a new app that can surely cater to your client’s needs.