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This blog and curriculum are dedicated to teaching standards-based mobile web development to audiences of web programmers and designers familiar with desktop web paradigms. Mobile is a totally different medium! Best practices for the desktop web simply do not apply to mobile.

If you are desktop web designer or developer, welcome to a thrilling and peculiar new world.

Learn the Mobile Web explores topics in mobile web development, including markup fundamentals, content adaptation, device recognition and mobile browser technology. We study and critique mobile standards and best practices authored by the W3C, dotMobi and similar organizations. This blog is my way of sharing lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid when developing broadly portable mobile web applications.

About Me

I am Gail Rahn Frederick, a mobile software architect, mobile web enthusiast and instructor of standards-based mobile web development. My mobile applications and mobile web sites have been deployed to 10+ mobile operators in 6+ countries in North America and Europe. At Learn the Mobile Web, I teach and write about mobile markup languages, mobile design and usability, content adaptation, best practices and defensive programming for the mobile ecosystem. At Medio Systems, I lead a mobile software team developing search and discovery products for operators and publishers.

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Public Speaking and Consulting

I am selectively available for public speaking and consulting on Mobile Web, mobile applications and mobile industry topics. I also teach my Mobile Web Development courses to private companies and organizations. Contact me for details and availability.

About My Mobile Web Development Classes

I created the Mobile Web Development curriculum and taught it as two courses at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon from 2008-2010:

  • Mobile Web Development was an introductory class for web developers and designers that teaches the basics of creating content for the mobile web.
  • Advanced Mobile Web Development for Smartphones taught advanced techniques for creating rich and interactive mobile web sites for smart mobile browsers that support full HTML, Javascript and AJAX.

My Publications and Presentations

Here is a sampling of my recent mobile industry publications and presentations:

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