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I spent this evening with colleagues at Portland MeeGo Network at Kells in downtown Portland, OR, where I gave a brief introduction to the mobile software and hardware ecosystem and especially, how MeeGo fits into the picture. MeeGo is a Linux-based, open-source OS for mobile and embedded devices. MeeGo exists in the market today in netbooks and in-dashboard entertainment devices. MeeGo recently released a UX stack for tablets. My color commentary isn’t captured in the slides. The audience participation was my favorite part – thanks for the lively hour.

Do you have a MeeGo network in your city? There are local MeeGo developer networks worldwide where you can learn about MeeGo, see it running on devices and try your hand at writing MeeGo apps.

If you attended, please leave me feedback here or on my SpeakerRate profile. Thanks!

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The Evolving Mobile Ecosystem and MeeGo - talk at Portland MeeGo Network, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings