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I am newly a mobile development contributor to Fierce Wireless. An excerpt from my first article, Targeting Smartphone Apps for Mass-Market Users, published today, is below. Check out the full article at FierceDeveloper


Who is the typical smartphone user? I envision a stressed-out businessperson or dangling-headphone hipster. My stereotypical smartphone user is an affluent, tech-savvy individual who harnesses the power of her device for near-constant interactions with mobile data services. She uses her smartphone to send email, browse the Web, stream videos and music, connect with friends on social networks, comparison-shop, and find nearby restaurants and businesses. Oh yes, and she occasionally uses her mobile phone for voice calls.

My stereotype crumbles as more and more mobile users upgrade from feature phones to smartphones. This year, mass-market consumers are stampeding into the smartphone ecosystem. 2010 is the year when “anyone with a touchscreen” is using their shiny, new smartphone to consume mobile data services. Clever mobile developers recognize the exploding smartphone user base as an unparalleled opportunity to simplify the usability of Mobile Web and native applications and provide personalized experiences to suit all kinds of smartphone users.

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