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Beginning Smartphone Web Development Book CoverBeginning Smartphone Web Development, my first Mobile Web development book, is completed, at press and expected in bookstores by December 31,
2009. The book is published by Apress as a part of their Wireless titles.

I am proud of this book because it is a comprehensive introduction to Mobile Web development for developers with no prior mobility experience. This book is for you if you are a Web developer who wants to break into Mobile Web development, if you are a Web designer wondering “what works” on the Mobile Web, and if you are a technology executive wanting to craft a smartphone Web strategy with realistic expectations of browser capabilities.

See the Beginning Smartphone Web Development book details page to review the table of contents, source code samples and author and reviewer biographies.

In Beginning Smartphone Web Development, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify web traffic from mobile devices.
  • Develop web sites using the markup languages of the Mobile Web: XHTML, XHTML-MP and CSS.
  • Add Mobile JavaScript and AJAX to increase client-side web interactivity on smartphones.
  • Adapt the syntax and design of Mobile Web pages to target smartphone models.
  • Study the design and usability of high-traffic Mobile Web sites.
  • Design Mobile Web pages for optimal usability on the form factors of smartphone screens.
  • Enhance Mobile Web pages to target advanced features of smartphone browsers.
  • Validate and compress mobile markup to optimize for network transmission and browser performance.
  • Simulate smartphones in the mobile ecosystem.
  • Read Mobile Web growth forecasts and opinions from Mobile Web technology experts.

My co-author, Rajesh Lal, contributed a strong chapter about Mobile Web design and usability for smartphones.

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Beginning Smartphone Web Development is at press!, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings