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My two Fall 2009 classes at Portland Community College in Portland, OR are available for registration.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile Web Development is an introductory class for web developers and designers that teaches the basics of creating content for the mobile web. We study design principles, device adaptation, usability, standards and best practices for mobile web development. Students build a device adapted mobile web site as the class project.

Mobile Web Development class details:

Advanced Mobile Web Development for Smartphones

Advanced Mobile Web Development is a new class that teaches advanced techniques for creating rich and interactive mobile web sites for smart mobile browsers that support full HTML and Javascript interactivity.

The class targets iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre and other smartphone models. Topics include interoperability, optimizing markup for advanced micobrowsers, embracing WebKit extensions, JavaScript and AJAX on mobile devices and effective use of device databases. Students build an interactive, device-adapted mobile web site targeting smartphones.

See the advanced lessons of the Mobile Web Development curriculum for details.

Advanced Mobile Web Development class details:

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