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Come by and check out my talk at JavaOne 2009 in San Francisco on Wednesday June 3rd. I’m presenting Java ME code samples and cool featurephone demos of mobile application features typically seen only on smartphones.

Smart Phone Behavior on a Feature Phone Budget, Using Java™ Platform, Micro Edition

  • Session ID: BOF-6265
  • Presenter: Gail Rahn Frederick
  • Date: Wednesday, June 03 7:45 PM – 8:35 PM

Mobile application features typical in smart phones can also be implemented on mass-market feature phones by use of Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME platform) and Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE platform) technology-based back-end services. This BoF explores the multimodality and rich user interface of a search-driven ODP application written in the Java ME programming language and broadly ported to mass-market feature phones. Multimodality enables users to search, browse, and discover by using familiar activities on a mobile device: saying a phrase, entering text, or snapping a photo.

The presentation includes demos of Java ME technology-based feature phone devices for voice recording, image capture, location awareness, and advanced mapping functionality in a modern mobile search application. It also presents and analyzes snippets of Java ME code used to implement voice recording, image capture, location awareness, and advanced mapping.

Here are my presentation slides for JavaOne 2009:

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