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Mobile Portland celebrated its first anniversary last night, March 23. Happy Birthday! Congratulations to Jason Grigsby and Cloud Four for incubating the mobile developer community in Portland.

At last night’s Mobile Portland meetup, I gave a presentation about my view of the Mobile Web and the importance of standards-based mobile web development practices. I also pitched my upcoming Spring and Fall 2009 classes at PCC. Here are my presentation slides in PPTX and PDF formats.

Last night was my first time attending Mobile Portland. I’ll definitely be back. I live in Portland and currently work in Seattle, so I admit to some ignorance about the mobile community in Portland. I teach at Portland Community College to nurture the local mobile development community. Mobile Portland shares that common cause. It’s a great venue for networking and learning about the local mobile industry. I am excited to find a thriving community of mobile developers in Portland.

Thanks to Cloud Four for inviting me to speak. Thanks to the attendees for bearing with my occasional coughing as I presented through a bad cold.

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